Whatever your hobby or interest the Initially Yours FREE full colour catalogue will provide you with a wealth of ideas and choices. Over 200 pages packed full of garments for sports, weather protection, comfort or just plain fun.

We can embroider, print or heat press any design that you have in mind. So, from rambling to fishing, to a stag or hen night, our clothing will do everything you want them to!

Want to give someone a very special present? Even the most ordinary garment becomes something very different once its personalised, and at Initially Yours, none of our clothes or accessories are ordinary!

We supply all manner of items from soft toys with individually designed shirts, to towels and bathrobes, baby wear, sport and leisure wear, and, of course, there are sweatshirts and rugby shirts, polo shirts, knitwear, corporate and work wear, warm wear and weather gear, a complete range for children plus bags and hats and even sleepwear . . . . all chosen for their quality and their suitability.

Why not ring us on 0117 957 7999 or email us and ask us about our vast range of stock logos and lettering, all available for you to create a unique design, and all available FREE of charge!

We can transfer photographs to T shirts, print or embroider individual names, add special messages, in fact almost anything is possible to add extra fun and style to an event. All you have to do is ask!

we can brand gifts for individuals or large events

“Your wonderful umbrellas were a huge success at the big events we held in Cardiff and Bristol. Thank you for all your hard work in getting them to us so quickly”

make special occasions special with named or themed garments

“What a party! Dublin was wonderful and we had a ball! Everyone was so impressed by our named shirts!”